PETER GABRIEL - Temptation: The Passion Outtakes 1989 (mini LP / CD)

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Regular Size CD packaged in cardboard mini (LP-style) sleeve. Includes exclusive artwork, detailed inserts with pictures, texts & detachable promo strip. Brand new mint & sealed. 

01 The Feeling Begins (extended)
02 Disturbed (alternate)
03 Passion (alternate)
04 Cor Angalais Theme
05 It is Accomplished (film version)
06 Bassbowl
07 With this Love (alternate)
08 Wall of Breath (extended)
09 It is Accomplished (alternate)
10 Trills
11 Bread and Wine (flute version)
12 The Feeling Begins (drum version)
13 Of These, Hope (alternate)
14 Lazarus Raised (alternate)
15 Location Recording (Morocco)
16 Location Recording (unknown)

Includes alternate versions and original location
recordings, this compilation is the perfect companion
to Peter Gabriel's albums Passion and Passion Sources,
both of which were created for Martin Scorsese's 1989
movie, The Last Temptation of Christ.

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